Templars of Balic

Ranks: Censor – Aedile – Praetor – Praetor Capitus – Lictor – Legate
Other Titles: Curate – Quaestor

Balikite templars still carry the trappings of the city’s long-lost republic. While many of their titles were once specific Republican offices, they now denote vague ranks in the temple structure. They are both the elected officials of the city as well as the priestly representatives of the Dictator.

The rank and file are the Censors, who serve as adjuncts and commanders of the Civic Guard and the basic ground presence of the Dictator. Censors patrol the markets, watch the gates, and otherwise get pushed around by praetors. First and second level tempalrs

Aediles were once responsible for the maintenance of public buildings and observance of public festivals. They are, today, generally templars of level 3 or higher who serve as the powerful enforcers of the higher-ranking templars.

Praetors are sub-captains who command units of aediles.

Praetor Capiti are the true captains of the templars and serve for 15 years. They are priests for true, powerful and in command of great reserves of the Dictator.

Lictors serve the Dictator directly and Legates are his plenipotentiaries in command of his armies.

When a templar graduates from one rank to the next the Dictator holds an “election” in which the templar is run against no one and elected by approbation of the nobility.

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Templars of Balic

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