Sulg Trading House

Trading House Base of Operations: Nibenay House Master: Sugot Sulg
Balic Representative: Morbik Sulg

The House of Sulg is one of the great and powerful trade houses of the Tyr region. They deal in everything from mekillot transport to silks, cottons, woods, and illicit substances such as the narcotic tarquat beetle which increase the psionic ability of trained psions and may only legally be sold in most city-states to official representatives of the Sorcerer-King.

Sulg maintains a trading station in every major city (except Tyr where they have some bad blood with the House of the Iron Merchants) and their networks are extensive. When Sugot Sulg founded his house forty years ago he had murdered his way though six relatives to achieve access to his family fortune, locked up in estates around Nibenay. Now, the Sulg name is renowned throughout the region not as a minor noble house in Nibenay but rather as one of the chiefest trading houses.

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Sulg Trading House

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