Order of the Marble Mind

Psionic School City of Operation: Balic
Scholarch: Ascoral the August

The Order of the Marble Mind was founded in Balic 250 years ago by the psionic philosopher Xenophar the Transdimensionalist. The school trains only the children of the wealthy who express an inborn psionic aptitude. This policy has led to its possession of a great deal of funds; its huge campus upon the Traverline Hill has been purchased over the last two centuries with money paid by the nobles and merchants whose children have been trained there.

Those who graduate from the school never really leave it, becoming permanent agents of the Marble Mind. Andropinis demands a certain number of the school’s members serve as his personal corps of spies and auditors to monitor other city-states, merchant houses, and nobles. For this reason the Aquilis have never sent a child to train with the Marble Mind lest they be returned to them as a spy.

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Order of the Marble Mind

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