• Antonius Natalis

    Antonius Natalis

    A muscular fair-skinned man with straight black hair wearing armor of mekillot hide. A sword scabbard hangs from a belt.
  • Nicanor


    A young olive-skinned man draped in a toga and showing a portruding pot-belly. His skull is bald except for bushy brown eyebrows over his eyes.
  • Saevius Cimber

    Saevius Cimber

    A thin and tanned Half-Elf wearing a fine linen tunic and breeches. An auburn ponytail adorns his head and under his arm a lyre sits securely.
  • Tiberius Metellus

    Tiberius Metellus

    A half-elf wrapped in a coarse toga with skin like leather and long unkempt sandy blonde hair. A long quarterstaff sits in his right hand.